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Niagara Park Public School is situated on the NSW Central Coast and is a proud member of the Valley Schools Learning Community. The school has a longstanding reputation of excellence within the community and provides an inclusive curriculum, catering for a variety of learning styles and abilities. Currently, there are 24 classes which include three multi-categorical support classes. The school promotes cultural identity and caters to the needs of a growing multicultural demographic. Of the 548 students who attend Niagara Park Public School, 47 identify as Aboriginal, and 11% of students are from a non-English speaking background. Niagara Park Public School has a strong alliance with the Cooinda Aboriginal Education Consultative Group and has a highly supportive community and Parents and Citizens Association.

The dedicated and highly skilled staff consists of a mixture of early career and experienced teachers who provide rich and evidence-based educational programs designed to challenge and extend students. Niagara Park Public School is well resourced in technology and provides students with a variety of extra-curricular opportunities.

Selection Criteria

In addition to the general selection criteria, approval to teach infants and/or primary with the capacity to effectively manage the dual role of assistant principal and classroom teacher.

A visible, approachable and inspiring leader with demonstrated ability to cultivate a learning culture of collaboration, reflective practices and high expectations.

Proven ability to analyse and use a range of data to build the capacity of individuals and teams, to improve student outcomes in literacy and numeracy aligning with the School Improvement Plan.

Proven capacity to lead and support student engagement to build authentic and collaborative relationships with all members of the school community.

General Selection Criteria

1. Successful teaching experience with capacity to initiate improvement in teaching, learning and classroom practice
2. Knowledge of curriculum, assessment and student welfare with the ability to lead and design quality, inclusive teaching and learning programs
3. Educational leadership skills to build the capacity and manage the performance of individuals and teams
4. Well developed communication and interpersonal skills with the capacity to build relationships and engage students, staff and parents
5. Ability to plan and manage resources effectively and equitably to support teaching and learning
6. Knowledge of and commitment to the Department’s Aboriginal education policies


An unconditional full approval to teach is a requirement. If you do not hold a full approval to teach with the NSW Department of Education, you are required to commence the application process at the same time as you apply for this teaching opportunity.

Special Notes

Applicants are to include details of their WWCC clearance number as part of this application.

New merit selection application guidelines for classroom teachers, executives and principals have been introduced to provide greater clarity to applicants and selection panels. The guidelines were in effect on positions advertised from Wednesday 10th June 2020. The guidelines are located at: https://education.nsw.gov.au/about-us/careers-at-education/roles-and-locations/roles-at-education/teaching/addressing-selection-criteria.html

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