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Update day: 24-08-2023

Location: Canberra

Category: Information Technology


Job type: Full Time

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  • June 2022 contract plus extensions
  • Multiple roles
  • NV1 clearance required

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Identify, analyze, liaise and schedule the batches across multiple platforms and environments
  • Ascertain the cause of batch failures/irregularities and either fix or delegate to relevant area.
  • Liaise with relevant teams to rectify batch issues.
  • Ensure scheduling documentation is maintained using EA.
  • Ongoing monitoring of performance and fine tuning.
  • Largely responsible for a number of reconciliations.
  • Responsible for the majority of any required JCL changes
  • Maintain batches across development, integration and production environments
  • Perform testing and provide thorough support as part of regular release cycles
  • Clearing of batch restarts as required via SQL updates
  • Maintain batch run times and update run stats regularly for reporting purposes.


  • Strong technical understanding of batch processing concepts
  • Strong concept of batch processing tools, components and requirements
  • Ability to read, write and troubleshoot C#, CA:Gen & SQL scripts
  • Solid background in large scale IT software and application systems and database concepts
  • Solid background and understanding of JCL requirements and coding
  • Strong analytical skills to tailor batch runs based on changing compliance requirements
  • Ability to install and maintain batch tools and other server administration tasks
  • Ability to understand and maintain Powershell scripts
  • Ability to read and understand CLIST
  • Ability to transform legacy applications to the new digital platforms

To apply for this opportunity, please contact Erin McDonald on 02 6285 3500 or click the "APPLY NOW’ button below.

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Deadline: 08-10-2023

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