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Job Description

  • Senior Dairy Cattle Farm Worker


  • Rochester Vic 3561


  • Full-time permanent position


  • From $54,000 per year (plus superannuation)

Qualifications and experience:

  • AQF Cert 111 Agriculture and minimum 3 years recent work experience.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • plan all aspects of milk production processes including management and coordination of milking shed routines;
  • coordinate and implement reproductive programs, including artificial insemination and herd fertility management, detection of oestrous and pregnancy;
  • assist in controlled breeding experiments to develop improved livestock strains;
  • implement calving procedures, including the ability to physically conduct unsupervised internal assessments to minimise the incidence of still births or injuries to cow or calf;
  • plan and manage pastures and crops for livestock production and develop livestock feeding plans.
  • analyse produce to set and maintain standards of quality;
  • supervise animal health programs, handle sick or injured animals and maintain an optimal environment for the wellbeing of livestock consistent with the Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines - Cattle;
  • supervise work routines and staff performance of less experienced employees such as an assistant farmhand;
  • implement and monitor quality assurance procedures, ensuring compliance and that all relevant documentation is kept current;
  • operate milking plant and equipment in a safe manner, undertake multiple functions including reading and recording instrument information e.g. milk vat temperatures and cow numbers and matching cow ID to calves to produce a quality milk outcome;
  • operate a dairy recycling system;
  • calf feeding, including tubing colostrum;
  • assisting with and/or performing irrigation works;
  • inspect livestock to gauge the effectiveness of feed formulae;
  • transport, handle and store chemicals; prepare and apply chemicals;
  • operate farm and dairy shed-related vehicles, plant and equipment;
  • identify and report equipment not operating normally; maintenance of plant and machinery;
  • where appropriately qualified, perform maintenance works on sheds, fixtures and fittings, fences and surrounds and install new or replacement equipment or fittings;
  • transport stock, feed and equipment, if appropriately licensed;
  • maintain records to ensure accurate information for stock and inventory control;
  • ensure food safety regulatory requirements are met;
  • contribute to and implement Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) requirements;
  • operate computer equipment and software packages requiring set-up and basic function operation;
  • coordinate the response to emergencies for both occupational health and safety emergencies and animal welfare emergencies;
  • participate in enterprise/industry training sessions and workshops as required.

Qualified applicants please apply online to:

M & H Acocks PTY LTD

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